We’re Back.

Apologies that we’ve been gone so long. If you’re not an Erasable listener, Herr Editor Sir is expecting another child this summer, and there’s been a host of family and community happenings that have slowed us down.

But we’re back, with some reviews and fun stuff. Thanks for sticking by us!

Story Supply Co.

I really like companies that donate a product when you buy one. And I like groups who promote writing to kids. The Story Supply Co. is both.

Analog tools for storytellers. For every pack sold, we’ll send a Story Supply Kit to a kid with a story to tell.

Story Supply Co. is a stationery-arts brand devoted to creating and selling analog tools that help people tell their story. Design and craft are at the heart of our products. We want products that look and feel good. We want products that inspire artists and makers to capture their ideas, design beautiful things, and share their stories. Story Supply Co. products will also focus on sustainable manufacturing right here in the U.S.

Go and back them on Kickstarter! If nothing else, the notebooks are fantastic! Vito sent me a set, and I love them (and can’t find them, which means someone else in HQ might have liked them enough to walk off with them, which is happening more and more lately. Hashtag Notebookthief…). And the pencils — I’ve only seen photos, but they are gorgeous!

Good books. Good cause. Why are you still here?

Giveaway: Ten Years of Pencil Blogging.

Okay, ten years, one month and a few days. Moving with two kids was tough business!

So, we have four giveaways!

We are giving away three boxes of Pencil Goodness to three lucky USA-based readers. And, not to leave out our international Comrades, we are giving away one special package of pencils available here on our shores which folks outside the USA might find it difficult or impossible to obtain. The exact contents are still being determined, i.e., I’m still sticking stuff into these four boxes.

To enter: Just leave a comment, including your current country of residence. (Entries without nations and duplicate entries will be disqualified.) I’ll leave the entry period open for ten days, ending on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. Charlotte will help me randomly select three winners from the USA pool and one winner from the International Contingent, and we’ll notify winners and head to the post office in a timely manner.

Thanks to all Comrades who have been reading this humble blog and helped to keep it alive!