Deals on Mirados.

Via eBay. Mirado pencils for only a buck a dozen, with free US shipping. Can’t beat that! They have the Black Warrior and the Classic (my favorite currently). If you have never tried Mirado pencils, they really are the smoothest writing pencil you’re going to find, with a genuine Pink Pearl on top of the ferule. At this price and this ease of getting them, it’s too good to pass up. Try them both, and let us all know what you think.
(Please tell them who sent you if you go purchase them!)

5 thoughts on “Deals on Mirados.”

  1. It’s the Black Warriors all the way for me! Oh, and I found ’em at my local Office Max for not much more than that – $1.19/dozen or something like that. And didn’t have to wait for shipping!

  2. Oh yes, the Black Warrior. My ex used to work for lawyers who used BWs, and after one of the partners marked up a brief written by one of the younger lawyers, she lamented that she’d been “raped by the Black Warrior again!”

  3. I just found some Black Warriors today (to add to my black pencil collection) and thought they were a little on the scratchy side. I got a set of No. 2 HB – pre-sharpened like Prevo’s. I love the pink pearl erasers but I am wondering if the Black Warrior fans are using a softer grade than #2? I’m starting to doubt the “World’s Smoothest Writing Pencil” claim on the package, but am thinking maybe these would be better in a 4B?

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