Why pencils? (I)

Why use pencils?

So many of us are pencil people below the pressure to use pens. “Pencils are for kids,” we’re told. “At least use a mechanical pencil,” we are urged. You can erase them, so you shouldn’t use them, right?

The first and best reason to use pencils is because you like them and enjoy writing/drawing with them. Because you feel better connected to the paper you’re writing on (or the wall, etc.) and the earth from which the clay, the graphite and the wood all came. Because they smell good. Because sharpening them can be a sort of meditative process. Because you can chew on them. Or for reasons we can’t explain.

The point is that it’s best to write with what we like best, no? I’ll admit to enjoying taking notes and writing papers and poems with pencils better than pens. That’s the biggest reason that I use pencils at all.

But there are many others, and they will be seen here soon and regularly.

13 thoughts on “Why pencils? (I)”

  1. Thanks for the kind words:)

    It’s a Moleskine Cahier, in buff, size large. Can’t recommend them enough for note-taking and creative writing. They are terrific!

    Are you local to Southern Illinois? I can tell you where to get them singly, for cheaper than 1/3 of what they will cost you online.

  2. So, I like pencils because they always write in the rain or snow or cold. My only problem with them is they do not fit in my shirt pocket well. I have tried behind the ear, but with my glasses, it does not always work well…so I am forced to use ink. But maybe I need to get over this.

  3. Tom,
    I have the same problem:)
    One option is a pocket-protector, but these don’t hold pencils without clips as well as they do pens.
    General’s Pencil Co. makes little plastic points that protect pencil tips in pockets, and Faber-Castell makes a rubber eraser that doubles as a point cap for pencils. Faber-Castell also makes a product that looks like a pen cap; but it fits on a pencil to protect the point and has a sharpener hidden inside to boot!
    Stay tuned for more information about this kind of pencil gear:)

  4. I love pencils. I thought I was the only one! I started collecting them based on their names: Integrity, Thor, Ravenwood!

    Nothing beats a sharpened pencil for writing notes any day.

    This is a wonderful blog. Thanks!

  5. I am definitely a pencil kind of a guy. Traditional pencils yellow, or natural color but always wood. But I am not a hugh fan of #2’s I like my pencils very sharp. So with #2’s I constantly have to stick them in the sharpener. I hate to admit this but I have a electric pencil sharpener in almost every room. I am worried the quality of pencils is going down hill, I know the electric pencil sharpeners are of less quality.

  6. Dixon Ticonderoga#2 and Rotring800 .07 are the two I swap between. Everything from math tutoring to doodling to transcribing music.
    Lost the 800, only able to find a 600 to replace. A year later found the 800

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