Cap that pencil.

Fred from Orange, Connecticut wrote in recently about pencil caps:

I am 76. I recall that when I was young, we used to have available a metal , rocket-shaped item, ending with a dullish point. The purpose was to put this over the sharpened tip of one’s pencils so that they would not break, hurt someone, or by accident mark up something….they have since vanished, in part because pencils have been replaced (for walking about) with mechanical pencils, so that real pencils now are alomst always kept in offices, rooms, desks, etc., and there no longer is the need to cap the tip. I have out of curiousity looked all over the place for any remains of this metal protector but, alas, have not found any. Most folks either have forgotten about them or are too young to have known about them.

I know that General’s Pencil Co. makes some plastic caps called Sav-A-Point that go on the tips of pencils and that Cretacolor makes a metal cap for woodless pencils. But Fred and I wonder if anyone out there knows where to get some metal pencil caps like they used to make?

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  1. I just ordered a metal pencil cap from dick blick art materials. It was 79 cents and is made by Cretacolor, an Austrian company, I believe.

  2. my friend claims to have ‘invented’ these, she even has a patent panding on them.
    i dont know if they’re exactly like the ones already out there

  3. I just returned from Japan and they have them there. As a teacher, I had just commented that someone should make something like that and low and behold there they were at the hundred yen store in Japan which translates to 4 metal caps for $1. They are made by a company called Daiso.

  4. same . i have been on the internet and every school supply store in my area and no one has them i came across this and i just ordered those sav-a-point thank you so much for posting this because if not i would still be searching because i need them for colored pencils . THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

  5. Thanks for the Artifolk link David!

    I really appreciate it because I’d come across the Dick Blick links before but it’s rather a fuss to shop with them from outside the US because the site cannot calculate international postage on the fly – you have to pay for the products themselves, then wait for them to email you with the shipping costs for your approval (or not; in which case presumably the cost of the products is then refunded lol). I do wish I’d read the thread all the way through, because I have just gone through the hassle of ordering from Dick Blick (waiting to hear about the shipping at the moment). I could have saved myself the trouble and bought from Artifolk, from whom I’ve ordered before and I know they’re a nice sort of place!

    Ah well, next order :-) It is nice to see a thread that spans so many years – with my post that brings it up to seven! Pretty cool :-)

  6. OMG thank you for this post!!! I always prefer the classic pencil than the mechanical pencil. Since middle school, I’ve wondered whether someone ever invented pencil caps since I am so annoyed that these pencils leave black marks in my pencil case. I never got around to actually researching on it until today which took about 8 years. lol. It’s too bad I just found out about this. I’m almost graduating university. But I’ll buy some anyway. Thanks again!

  7. Something so simple yet so hard to find—I’ve taken plastic caps off of pens, cut a groove in them so to be able to reduce the diameter then crowded tape them to smaller size for cap

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