Dalton Ghetti.

Dalton Ghetti carves sculptures out of the points of pencils, literally. This is amazing work that you should definitely check out.

At school Dalton always sharpened pencils by hand, and would sometimes peel the paint from the pencil and carve intricate designs into the wood. He noticed that a good blade cuts through both the wood and through the graphite, leaving behind a nice flat and shiny surface. He began working on them until they were perfectly round and cone shaped, then removed more wood as the graphite started to become part of the carvings. He had found the perfect material for his miniature sculptures.

(Thanks for the link, Hans!)

[Image copyright D. Ghetti.]

17 thoughts on “Dalton Ghetti.”

  1. That is too cool…I had to stare a good long time at the pic before I believed that was a PENCIL LEAD! I can’t imagine carving something that tiny.

    I also loved the pencil art in the previous post. Cool stuff.

  2. Dude thats sooo weird if i didn’t have a current event to do for school I probley wouldn’t of known at all about Dalton Ghetti! If you picture a sharpened pencl and the tip of it as a boot thats pretty messed up, but I like!

  3. May The Force be with you, Dalton! Lovely, wonderful, amazing work. It has reinforced my beliefs about human nature of beaty, creativity and tirelessly capacity of enchanting. Love you!

  4. its totaly mind bogglin lol so a had to try it and am now totaly hooked..i love carving small bits of wood into mice and chesse ,baby dummys but now am hooked on pencil carving a love it so far av made a saw , number 2 ,letter T and a woodwork chisel lol minted

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