Handwriting (II).

(Continued from part I.)
It seems to me that handwriting is associated more with pencils than with pens these days. Maybe this is because we learned to write in pencil. Maybe it’s because our first pens were Bics or Papermates that did not produce as thick and expressive lines that pencils can live up to. Maybe it’s something I would never think of myself.

But there are a lot of people out there writing about it. Here’s a good one: Memory Keeper on Handwriting.

3 thoughts on “Handwriting (II).”

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog.

    It isnt a big deal, but you wrote my blogname as ‘Memory Maker’ instead of ‘Memorykeeper’. Again, no big deal. A Rose is a Rose is a Rose. What’s in a name. Here, the content is important.

    For those who have forgotten the pleasure of writing with a pencil, your blog is indeed, inspiring.

    Thank you.

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