“Is that a pencil?”

Our friend Lorianne from Hoarded Ordinaries recollects her recent trip to the Currier Museum of Art:

The coolest thing about sketching, though, is you can do it anywhere…almost. Knowing that photography is disallowed in the Currier, I couldn’t imagine that sketching could harm anything until a friendly guard approached me while I was standing, sketchbook in hand, in front of the Picasso. “Is that a pencil?” he fretted, alarmed by my Pentalic woodless graphite pencil, which admittedly doesn’t look like a pencil from across the room. After I assured him that I was using pencil and wouldn’t dream of drawing in pen, he confided, “You wouldn’t believe how many people do,” adding as an afterthought, “We even give out pencils if people don’t have them.” And then as if to demonstrate that there were no hard feelings, he quietly reappeared with a stool for me to sit on. “That’s why we have them,” he explained.

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