Ross has tons of really cool animations from a pencil-line-drawing slant at his great site, Pencilmation, home of Happy Little Toons. Be sure to check out our favorite toon, “A Sad Swim,” which features a soundtrack that reminds us of Wes Anderson‘s films. Of course, you have to check out “Pencilmation #1” — the original.

[Screenshot content copyright Russ at Pencilmation, used with permission.]

5 thoughts on “Pencilmation.”

  1. …. Pencils…. wow. you know, I am very much of a geek, a nerd perchance, but having a blog about pencils brings it up a notch!

    Thank you for bringing nerdy extremism to the internet to the masses!

    While you may not be a gamer/movie geek and I may not be a… pencil geek, we are brothers all the same, we must unite!!!!

  2. there’s something very comforting about the sound of pencils.

    you were right about the wes anderson soundtrack…you know most of the music in his films, the original score stuff anyway, is done by Mark Mothersbaugh, of Devo fame?

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