Pencil carvings.

Due to very popular demand, here are some beautiful Japanese pencil carvings from the JAD project. They are produced by Mizuta Tasogare and Kato Jado, and you can view several of these gems via this page (click the links in the text). Some of these pieces were entered into “the 11th ‘Hands Taisho’ contest held anually in winter by Tokyu-Hands” where they won the “Planning Prize.” All of them are simply amazing, and you can still use the pencils to write or draw with!

Thanks to everyone who sent us this link and the myriad others we’ve posted or will post! Keep them coming! :^)

[Images JAD Project.]

2 thoughts on “Pencil carvings.”

  1. Hi, These pencil carvings are really good. I tried carving few and I was successful. But I want to try to carve all. For this I need the carving tools so that I can do the carvings efficiently. Can anyone please tell me where can I get those tools for carving pencils.

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