Revolutionary photos.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Pencil Revolution group on Flickr, started because of some good advice from a friend and blogging champion.

In case you are not sure what Flickr is, it is a place where one can upload one’s photos to the internet and then share them with other people. Flickr Groups are communities that one joins and can then participate in the group photo pool. Photos submitted to the pool are still part of one’s own photostream. The pool is really a grouping, not any sort of proprietary selection. You keep the right to edit, delete and own your photos.

For the time being, membership is open to anyone with a Flickr account, and these accounts are both free and easy to set up. All you have to do is sign up, sign in, and join up.

Let’s stick to photos that are actually pencil-themed: ones that are of pencils or related pencil gear, of sketches or finished work done in pencil, etc. Let’s not include photos of fountain pens and vintage Mustangs. There are tons of other pools for that.

Fine Print: Anyone engaging in hate speech, pornography, posting photos to the pool that have nothing to do with pencils or generally being a jerk to other members in the group will have his or her membership in the Pencil Revolution Flickr group cancelled without warning. We have no intention to censor things, so please use your best judgment.

4 thoughts on “Revolutionary photos.”

  1. Glad you moved forward with this idea. I set my own Flikr site up a while back, not just my pencil interests but other photos as well. Will be posting some of my latest stuff from this past weekend later this evening. I’ll look into connecting up my pencil related items to Pencil Revolutions Flickr site as well.

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