Robb Scott Drawings.

“The Mirage”

We have recently been fortunate enough to experience some work from pencil artist Robb Scott. Jeff wrote in to tell us about Robb’s drawings. Jeff says, “Everyone that sees them thinks they are black and white photos….when he sells on the waterfront in the summer, he’s actually had to put of a sign that says ‘These are not photographs, but pencil drawings’….he’s quite amazing.” He most certainly is!

“The attention garnered by the artwork of Nova Scotian artist Robb Scott has spread from one side of the globe to the other. International recognition from Japan, Russia, Britain and the United States have raised Robb’s profile from struggling young artist, to one of the most promising artists today. A mix of patience, technical ability and a desire for self-expression all go into the making of a Robb Scott drawing.”

It turns out that some of the drawings take more than two hundred hours (!!) to complete. If you think that’s phenomenal, you should take a look at more of Robb’s drawings in the gallery, including some new full-color drawings. Robb even has tips for aspiring artists on his site, and it’s sent me to my sketch book with some soft pencils to sketch a little myself recently. The detailed life-like-ness of Robb’s drawings is truly inspiring.

[Images copyright Robb Scott, used with kind permission.]

5 thoughts on “Robb Scott Drawings.”

  1. Beautiful stuff. I remember having a photo-realism assignment in one of my art classes in college. I learned a lot about myself and how I work (mentally) from that project. It takes a tremendous amount of concentration to do what he does.

  2. It does take alot of concentration Andren. And I have also learned alot about myself from my drawings. I normally draw upto 8 hours a day. Each drawing takes 3 weeks to a month to do….so that’s alot of time talking to no one but yourself. I believe everyone who can draw can draw this way if they wanted. The only thing I’ve learned that seperates me from most pencil artists is the fact that I’m willing to sit longer.

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