Holiday pencils.

With the start of the various holiday seasons, we see countless pencils with pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins all around. Some have giant erasers, fuzzy tops or sparkly paint. But what are the People to do when we want a festive pencil that does not write like a black rock and smell like dirty old wood? With Halloween and the winter holidays almost upon us, what are we to write with?

Fear not! There are some respectable pencil manufacturers who can rescue us junky holiday pencils! Just to name a few:

Musgrave Pencil Company has several holiday-themed lines, including Halloween.

Dixon makes reward pencils, including some for Halloween. You can never go wrong with Dixon.

And Californian Republic makes holiday-themed pencils in their Spangle line which are available through the Pencil World Creativity Store. You can even score a free set of Halloween pencils with the purchase of Palomino artist pencils (which are great pencils) for a limited time.

As a friend of ours pointed out, pencils would make a healthy alternative to candy for handing out to trick-or-treaters, while promoting education and children’s creativity at the same time.

And for us grown-ups, they are a nice way to celebrate the holidays we still love.

[Image CalRep.]

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