from Holland sent us this link to some…tasty pencils! Smencils.

“Yes – they really are pencils made from rolled sheets of newspaper instead of wood. You can even see the layers of newspaper when you sharpen them.

They sharpen the same as all other wood pencils and they SMELL WAY BETTER. Not only do they smell great, but they’re good for the environment too.

‘Saving trees…one pencil at a time.’ (TM)”

Smencils are an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pencils that are guaranteed to keep their smell for two years! While I personally love the smell of a freshly sharpened cedar pencil, other scents might be fun, too. Coffee scented pencils for morning planning, etc. Mmm.

Thanks to Max for the tasty link!

[Image, Smencils.]

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  1. These paper wrapped pencils seem to be growing in popularity. We seen them from Japan and now from Holland. Are they good pencils? How do they compare to the Mongol, Black Warrior or Palamino?

    I think it’s a great idea, and am more than willing to buy some. BUT, only if they are a good pencil .. if they are like those cheap pencils you buy at the Dollar Store (20/$1) with the rubbery lead .. then forget it.

  2. Unfortunately, the marketing gimmick of “saving trees one pencil at a time” is a fallacy. Saving a tree implies that a tree that would otherwise be harvested for commercial purposes will never be cut or that some other tree will not be cut in it’s stead.

    If wood cased pencil demand dropped even up to 50% (despite the fact that newspaper pencils will never accomplish this level of impact) then the wood used to produce these pencils would simply be redirected to other wood products.

    Protecting and preserving forests by assuring wise and sound forest management for a diverse mix of species are practices I fully support. Probably 95% of all woodcased pencils now come from managed forests that are specifically designed to produce for a range of wood products needs.

  3. penguin –

    My experience is that these pencils do not compare for performance purposes with the higher quality pencils to which you refer. They are a reasonable substitute for low quality commodity pencils, but probably not price competitive with those.

  4. The plasitc “freshness tubes” sort of defeat some of the enviromental friendliness of these smencils. Though the novelty of a cookie dough scented pencil is not lost on me.

  5. Amen, Woodchuck. Too often in alleging that wooden pencils kill trees, we forget that trees are a renewable resource and one of the most environmentally friendly subtances to make things from. Besides, there is the issue that making pencils from newspaper keeps it from being recycled anyway.

  6. An excellent “recycled” pencil is the Paper Mate EarthWrite. Just put an eraser top over the crummy eraser that Paper Mate attaches to these pencils.

    Unfortunately the EarthWrite is not scented. You could put a drop or two of vanilla extract on the eraser if you go for that sort of thing.

    Easy to find online, and they are not expensive.

  7. What is it with the PaperMate erasers? The ones on the “American” Naturals (made of a non-cedar wood) are worthless; they don’t even come close to erasing.

  8. Well… For those of you who maybe interested in them – I sell them here in the States and also ship overseas incase you are interested here is my e-bay link.

    Other than that… Now my comments – yes, it’s true not going to save the world, but still I think a clever idea. As for compareable with “expensive” pencils – I wouldn’t go that far either, remember they are made from rolled up newspaper ;)
    On a total different note they make awesome gifts for kids, and those still a kid at heart… That’s all! :)
    -= The SmencilMan ;)

  9. Recycled pencils come in two quality range – not good and good. O’BON now produces the best recycled pencil. Check out their pencils – from finish to packaging, these pencils are great.

  10. I have them ok i bring them to scool they rock and if somthing bores me i’ll sit there and smell it i have peppermint bubble gum, cherry, and watermelon, new car thats my favorite i’m wierd any way they rock you have to get them

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