Come origin-ahl.

Dave from New Zealand sent us this cool graphic that I can’t say I’ve seen before. But’s a sentiment known very well in the Revolution. I wish we could find whoever created it so that we could get permission to put it on a T-shirt. Lead-ittes;)
Too bad there’s no way to blog with pencil, a way that wouldn’t require a computer to read. Now that would be cool. Print doesn’t allow the timely responses on ongoing discussion that the web does, though, or at least not all responses. Letters to the Editor get cut, pasted and — above all — chosen. I suppose the web might be one of the few (if not only) mediums where we all have a voice. Nonetheless, there’s something amenic about the net sometimes, and something so organic about pencils. Just something…

Dave also has a new blog where he’s writing about his mechanical pencil collection. The most recent is of the Yard-O-Led Deco 34:

“The all silver square body and uncommon looks of this mechanical pencil make it stand out from your everyday office pens and pencils. Twist action top to advance or retract lead. Extra leads stored individually inside the body, 12 x 3 inch leads making the ‘yard of lead’.”

Read on. Thanks to Dave for the graphic, and best wishes on his new blogging venture.

[Images, D.P. Used with permission.]

4 thoughts on “Come origin-ahl.”

  1. The Lead Pencil Club (aka “a pothole on the Information Highway”) may be just the forum for those hankering for a truly pencil-based blog. They’ve even published a book called “Minutes of the Lead Pencil Club”, which seems to have some big-name contributors, and which I’m waiting to receive in the mail. (Seek in Amazon and you shall find: Used copies are going for less than the price of a Palomino.)

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