Marc’s collection.

Nearly a month ago, Armand sent these great photos he took of Marc’s pencil collection: the Perfect Pencil in two forms:)

Many thanks to Marc and to Armand!

[Images, A.F. Used with permission.]

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  1. I’ve asked this before, but never got an answer. Where do you find the 9000’s that have erasers on them? I have two green plastic Perfect Pencils and would like to refill with the same pencils that came with them. Can’t find them anywhere on the Web, wrote Faber-Castell and only got a perfunctory acknowledgment of my inquiry, found loads of refills for the silver PP’s (at $12/pencil, no thanks! and they aren’t even 9000’s) and all kinds of places where you can get a 9000 with a plastic bit on the top end, but never what I am looking for.

    At the moment, I am making do with orange palominos, which don’t have an eraser either. Until I find my perfect Perfect Pencils, it seems I have to put up with 2/3rds of perfection.


  2. Faber-Castell makes another Perfect Pencil between the plastic one and the silver one, and the refills aren’t quite an arm and a leg. Pen City has both the pencil and the refills.Pen City also sells a version of the green one with three pencils in a Gift Set, but it’s not that much cheaper than the metal one is.

    I wish they would expand their line in the US. I’ve love to get some of their indelible “Document” pencils. Maybe if we change enough people’s minds about pencils, we’ll be able to get a bigger variety of pencils in the States. We can get the Palomino now;)

  3. Bill –

    First, Palominos with erasers will be here very soon I’m bringing some back with me from the factory in two weeks and will be listing them on the Pencil World store the week of February 6th.

    I am currently at the annual PaperWorld show in Frankfurt, Germany this week. This is a pencil fan’s mecca. Have been too busy to busy with customers to post a story on Timberlines but will try to get that done in the next week. I will be at the Faber-Castell booth tomorrow and will inquire Bout 9000s with erasers in the US market. Maybe I can buy some and list them too.

  4. Great! Now I need to get the aluminum perfect pencil! ;-) And I’m delighted to find there will be a Palomino with Eraser, though I’m finding that the Orange Golden Bear is quite close, and inexpensive enough that I can give them away to friends with much less thought. (Only very close friends who appreciate pencils get a Palomino…., anyone who won’t laugh and immediately throw it on the ground is a candidate for a Golden Bear. )
    One bit of trivia – I purchased a green plastic Perfect Pencil gift set about five years ago, and the perfect pencil was slightly different. Instead of being a slip on, the opening was surrounded by a twisting ring that loosened or tightened. It didn’t look any different from the one sold today, though. And the gift set came with six short 9000s with erasers, and it came in a heavy cardboard box with a hinged clear plastic lid.

  5. Thank you, Woodchuck. When you come out with the Palominos with (vinyl? I hope!) erasers, I’ll use them in lieu of the 9000’s. Also, PR, thanks for the information about Pen City. I saw those pencils but was holding out for the real thing. F-C couldn’t sell more than five of those $12 pencils a year, tops.

  6. Woodchuck, in Frankfurt you should visit the Graf von Faber-Castell Shop. It is interesting how much money people are willing to spend on pencils and stationery.

  7. I’ve seen the shop before. I have several Graf pieces myself. They are indeed beautiful pieces. Although I can admit they were a gift some years ago from the Graf himself and I did not buy them.

    Next to the Faber-Castell booth at the fair there is an interesting creative artistic display in which small mechanical motors are being used to vibrate wires with Grip 2000 pencils attached. The pencils dance accross a notebook page. There are about 50 of them and each is it’s own little sculpture. I took a photo with my cell phone and plan to share it with fellow revolutionaries. Unfortunately, my cell phone e-mail isn’t working so I can’t upload to my PC and share it until I get back to the US in a week.

    FYI – I found out the 9000s with erasers are apparently sold in the US. F-C’s USA headquarters are in Cleveland and they can point you in right direction.

  8. Woodchuck, thank you again for asking about the 9000s. I checked the F-C USA site, and sure enough, there they are! However — they are $6 for a package of three, and shipping is $8.90! Total: $14.90 or almost $5 per pencil when all is said and done.

    You know, I think that green plastic Perfect Pencil extender will look pretty good fitted with a blue or orange Palomino w/eraser. Feb 6 is only a week away. I can wait.

    I’m not a cheap guy, but the F-C customers must live in a totally different world from the rest of us …

  9. Hmm, there is a downtown Toronto Sears with the erasered 9000s – and the round 9008 “steno” pencil – so I think some ordinary stores have them. Yesterday, I also happened to see the 9000 perfect pencil refills “on sale” – still more expensive and shorter than the regular version – at a fountain pen shop.

    My question – where can I get the Faber-Castell Design

  10. When will the Palominos be made in a triangular format. I love their lead, and the golden bear isn’t the same quality as the california palominos.

    Does anyone know when this will happen?
    Or even if it will?

  11. Do any of the three Perfect Pencil versions (plastic, aluminum, brass/silver) work with “standard” pencils? I would like to use one, but prefer a #3 lead (I think the refills are #2) and don’t relish having to seek out the special expensive pencils and erasers the rest of my life…


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