Welcome to the new Revolution.

We have a few reviews in the queue and a profile on a talented artist, but we’ve fallen behind in the transfer from Blogger to WordPress. Blogger is great, but we will have greater flexibility with WordPress now that we’ve become more of a community than just a blog about pencils. Apologies for anyone who tried to access the site today without success, as it was down for an hour or two while the switch was being finalized.

Everything has been saved and/or transferred — all posts, comments, etc. Now commenting will be easier.

The feed may or may not be down. I honestly don’t know. If anyone would like to let us know either way via email, we’d appreciate it.

Our masthead was sort of thrown together in a few minutes by myself, so we hope to have a better one in place shortly, perhaps shifting them around regularly.

Thanks for your patience, and normal posting will begin this week, ASAP.

19 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Revolution.”

  1. Hey! I thought maybe last night I was just delirious after playing World of Warcraft for 10 hours straight, but I see that I wasn’t hallucinating.

    Congrats on the new look and feel and home!

  2. One other thing – with WordPress, a piece of open source software that can be deployed anywhere, some giant corporation doesn’t own your blog (in a de facto sense). You own your blog, you can change/manage anything you want including the behind the scenes code, you can use your ISP of choice, you can change provider at will, and much more. Good stuff.

  3. I can’t take credit for the design. It’s based on a WordPress template called “Benevolence” by Theron Parlin at Thought Mechanics. I only changed a few things and the masthead. I might tinker a little more or change it entirely in the not so distant future.

    This is not to say I was necessarily unhappy with Blogger. I love Blogger. Run on your own server, it’s even better. But it was time to try something different:)

  4. Love the new layout! Looks really great. I do miss, however, the slightly larger font that was in the original. The size of the font in the new one as it appears on my screen is now very tiny. I think I know what causes that though. Birthdays.

  5. I’ve made the main post font a touch bigger. The redesign will be on-going:)

    Sourduck, when I customized the permalink structure, I tried to keep them the same. I’m pretty sure they will work if you take off the “.html” — pretty sure;)

  6. I like the new graphic design though I guess even revolutionaries need to learn how to adapt to a change now and then. I just spent the last hour having to update all the lost links to your nice Reviews of our products on all my promotion boxes and listings at Pencil World Creativity Store. This change does make it a bit more difficult to find any particular review now without scrolling down the page of all your reviews. This has probably happened to anyone who linked from their blog directly to a particular post at Pencil Revolutions rather than the main blog URL.

  7. Wood Chuck, Sorry about the links getting messed up. I tried to keep the same permalink structure, but WordPress is php based, so the “.hmtl” at the end of the Blogger pages don’t read correctly. I will email you the permalinks ASAP directly:)

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