Photos from far away.

Melony sent some great photos in recently. These are just a few:

You can check out Czech out Melony’s blog here.
[Images, M. Used with permission.]

Pencil of the Monthâ„¢ Club update.

This message is from Don at Pencil Things:

Support for the Pencil of the Monthâ„¢ Club is strong. So, we’re going to do it!

We’ve ordered mailing supplies and penciled in a workable flowchart. Of course, we’re having a lot of fun obtaining and evaluating pencils, and that’s well under way. will start taking subscriptions today, and send the initial packet out the first week of May.

KUM is wishing us well by generously contributing their new-for-2006 pearl-effect Ellipse Container Pencil Sharpener (magnesium inner sharpener) to go to the first 150 subscribers. That’s a very nice gesture of support, isn’t it?

We have a few good ideas, and you have many more. It’s your involvement which will really make this venture interesting. For example, there’s a direct link between the comment by “Bill” and KUM’s contribution of sharpeners.

Thank you to all who commented on Pencil Revolution and by private email. And to Pencil Revolution go kudos for giving us all a pencil forum, and to Woodchuck go special thanks for sharing generations of pencil experience.

Please send Pencil of the Monthâ„¢ Club suggestions and comments to PencilClubATpencilthingsDOTcom.

Myriad thanks to Don for putting together what is certainly going to be an adventure of world-wide proportions! By the by, I have one of the ellipse sharpeners that KUM makes for Prismacolor, and they are really great sharpeners, even for jeans pockets.

One and all are invited to sign up officially for the most exclusive of pencil clubs here.


These are some great photos from Rob H. of a tiny mantis on the tip of a normally-sized pencil.

You can view larger versions here.

[Images, R.H. Used with kind permission.]


This is fascinating: What is this object? The only hint that you get is that we’re posting it on a pencil blog:)

The solution can be found here (scroll down).

[Images, Rob H. Used with permission.]

Pencil of the Month Club?

Don at Pencil Things has a great idea that he would love to get some feedback on. We’ll let Don explain it:

Isn’t it interesting to try out new pencils?! I actually most enjoy browsing for new brands, models, hardnesses, and colors at local stores, rather than online. You get to touch them and write with some of them. But I’ve exhausted the selection in Santa Fe. And I usually don’t want to risk buying a 6-pack online of the same pencil to try and/or pay the disproportionate shipping charge for a few pencils.

What about you? Do you think it would be fun to have a “Pencil of the Month” club? I’ve researched it, and it appears we at can gather together enough pencil variations to have a monthly mailing for at least a year. We’d send out 3 to 4 high-quality different and interesting pencils each month — graphite and colored. About $24/year subscription should cover the cost of the pencils, protective envelopes, labels and postage.

What do you think of the idea?

If any Comrades have suggestions or would be interested, please leave a comment or two or three! Many thanks in advance! This is not necessarily a sign up list per se, but a way to get a good idea of the interest, since I imagine there will be considerable effort required for this project from Pencil Things.


Comrades can sign up for the Pencil of the Month Club at Pencil Things (follow link). 

Pencil tower.

This was taken by Réjane in Switzerland, who was kind enough to let us post it here. A much larger version can be viewed here. It’s just one of her great photos that you can view at her Flickr page. It does look like a familiar tool, no?

[Image, Réjane. Used with very kind permission.]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Pencil Revolution.

[Drawing, F.G. Used with very kind permission. Photograph, J.G.]

Office ransom.

A few months ago, I came into the department where I study and found this on my desk, a joke from a colleague (and fellow Revolutionary) which reads:

“This could easily happen to all your pencils,
if you don’t follow these directions exactly.
Get 100 dollars in nonsequential 2 dollar bills
and wait for further instructions.”

[Ransom note, Alex. Photos, J.G.]

Pencil Postage.

R. E. Wolf sent us a link to some great work, including this artistamp, “Commemorating the 1966 Pencil Uprising.” You can check out more of his work at his site, Variance Art.

[Image, R.E.W.  Used with kind persmission.]

Pencil spinning.

This is a link that Nick from Blanketfort sent us months ago that I somehow lost and didn’t get posted: a cool website devoted to the art of pencil spinning!

“Fake Reverse 2 & 1/2: Twist the pencil by curling the index finger in while pushing with the thumb. Also use the middle finger to push and balance the pencil. Keep the index finger curled and tucked down out of the way so the pencil can pass over it. This trick is called the Fake Reverse, since the pencil rotates over, rather than around the thumb.”

Another one I lost is from Dave in New Zealand on pencil spinning: Pentricks.

“The articles section provide you with reading to improve your knowledge about Pen Spinning. It also helps answer commonly asked questions. In Pen Spinning, it’s not enough to just practice tricks day and night and hope you’ll get better. If you want to be a good pen spinner, it’s also necessary to understand the tricks you’re doing, as well as other principles that are applicable to Pen Spinning. This section will help you acquire this knowledge.”

Many thanks to Nick and Dave. Sorry I lost the links for so long; perhaps it was an unconscious effort on the part of my complete lack of the necessarily dexterity for adeptly twirling a pencil.  If anyone has photos of pencil spinning, I promise not to lose them and to instead post them straight away if you send them in:)