Office ransom.

A few months ago, I came into the department where I study and found this on my desk, a joke from a colleague (and fellow Revolutionary) which reads:

“This could easily happen to all your pencils,
if you don’t follow these directions exactly.
Get 100 dollars in nonsequential 2 dollar bills
and wait for further instructions.”

[Ransom note, Alex. Photos, J.G.]

9 thoughts on “Office ransom.”

  1. I think you’re right. The idea of a plastic yellow pencil had never occurred to me but I got hold of one at work. It was the weirdest thing, sharpening it. And it had the worst lead I’ve ever encountered. I left it back by the copier. :)

  2. You all are missing the point (no pun intended) If it could happen to a pencil like that, it could happen to a Prospector or (gods forbid) a Palomino. Think of the horror! I’m instituting a strict curfew on all my pencils to ensure this doesn’t happen to them ;-)

  3. You’re write (!), Woodchuck. I thought it was that weird wood they use for the American Classic/American Naturals. Upon closer inspection, it does appear to be plastic. I feel less sad seeing it that way, now:)

    Cyberlizard is correct: if this could happen to a plastic pencil, happen to the best kind.

    I find myself alarmed.

    I never keep Palominos, Faber-Castells, etc. anywhere where they can be seized and tortured to tell their secrets. I carry them with me in a pencil box, stash them in my pencil bunker, or they can stay in my special pencil cup on the desk at home.

    While the sacrificed pencil was only a cheap plastic one, I think this serves as a warning to Comrades everywhere that all pencils are vulnerable to such violence and that we should guard our wooden warriors with the sharpest sharpeners.

  4. I would like to know where I can find these plastic pencils. I have searched and searched. HELLLLP. I love plastic pencils.

  5. Anyone who wants a plastic pencil, just look at the ADL Chronicles and email me for my address. I’ll send a few plastic pencils to anyone who sends a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

    Irv Arons


    ADL Chronicles

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