Pencil spinning.

This is a link that Nick from Blanketfort sent us months ago that I somehow lost and didn’t get posted: a cool website devoted to the art of pencil spinning!

“Fake Reverse 2 & 1/2: Twist the pencil by curling the index finger in while pushing with the thumb. Also use the middle finger to push and balance the pencil. Keep the index finger curled and tucked down out of the way so the pencil can pass over it. This trick is called the Fake Reverse, since the pencil rotates over, rather than around the thumb.”

Another one I lost is from Dave in New Zealand on pencil spinning: Pentricks.

“The articles section provide you with reading to improve your knowledge about Pen Spinning. It also helps answer commonly asked questions. In Pen Spinning, it’s not enough to just practice tricks day and night and hope you’ll get better. If you want to be a good pen spinner, it’s also necessary to understand the tricks you’re doing, as well as other principles that are applicable to Pen Spinning. This section will help you acquire this knowledge.”

Many thanks to Nick and Dave. Sorry I lost the links for so long; perhaps it was an unconscious effort on the part of my complete lack of the necessarily dexterity for adeptly twirling a pencil.  If anyone has photos of pencil spinning, I promise not to lose them and to instead post them straight away if you send them in:)

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    1. Can you contact me? Pearson would like to use this article in a educational publication. We cannot get a hold of you.

      1. Howdy,
        Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to get in touch with the gent who wrote that article.
        I’ll see if I can dig something up, but the comment was six years ago, and I am not sure it will work.

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