Blow gun for the Revolution.

While we are predominantly a peaceful Revolution, it does come to mind that defensive means of protecting our graphite and cedar might be desirable at some point. With this in mind, Olivia sent us this cool link to the instructions for making a blow gun using ferruled pencil erasers.

Please, however, heed the warning from Instructables:

This IS a weapon and it IS dangerous. The blowgun should never be pointed at another person, and be careful where you shoot it. I’ve had the darts ricochet back towards me several feet on occasion. Also, be careful of pricking your fingers, eyes, etc. while making the darts. Thanks.

Indeed, to quote Jean Shepherd, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Please be careful, and maintain such a piece of equipment only in the wake of Inkish Tyranny! But please please please don’t shoot anyone in the bum and tell them we said to it. Or any other part of their anatomy. Or at any animals.

[Image, Instructables.]

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