Easter and eggshell.

Happy Easter
to all Comrades and other Sentient Entities of the Revolution!

While not necessarily Easter in theme, the work of artist Juel Grant takes the form of drawing in pencil on eggshell; and we usually associate decorating eggs with the Easter holiday — at least where I’m from. Please check out Juel’s spectacular and revolutionary artwork — and very nicely designed website.

My greatest sense of purpose and fullfillment is realized when engaged in the meditative conversation of drawing.

I draw with pencil on eggshell. Of the many surfaces with which I’ve experimented, nothing awakens and stirs the senses as this one does. It has never ceased to challenge and inspire the best of my abilities. The shape; timeless, transcendent, continuious,… the embodiment of life.

As I draw the surface expands, grows more vast. I hold in my hand a globe who’s landscape I roam in solitary bliss. I love that place, what it asks of me, what I become in it’s presence.

Here is the page featureing drawings on eggshell.

Thanks to Carol for the link!

[Images and text, J. Grant. Used with very kind permission.]

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