Articles a plenty.

Professor Henry Petroski (pencil hero and pencil author) mailed us copy of a wonderful article he wrote for American Scientist for the March/April 2000 issue (Volume 88) entitled, “Why ‘The Pencil’?” in which he describes the onset of the pencil fascination that we all familiar with here at Pencil Revolution. While not available online, local and university libraries will likely have the archives of the journal, where Comrades can delight in this courageous piece. Subscribers of the publication can access the archives online, and both backissues and downloadable PDF versions can be purchased if the library comes up empty.

What’s more, Mad Tora sent us two links from The New York Times. The first is an article about Professor Petroski’s latest book, Success Through Failure: The Paradox of Design. The article describes the theme of the text, asserting with Professor Petroski that, “The analysis of engineering’s failures offers some good lessons.”

Read the article here.

And you can read the introduction to the book here.

Another, for the Sudoku fans in the Revolution, also from The New York Times. It seems that the explosion of popularity of the game has sent pencil sales in England skyrocketing 700 percent!

Read the article here.

And learn more about Sudoku here.

Finally, Comrade Steve alerted us about a nice piece our friends at Moleskinerie posted last week about the myth of Space Pens and the legend that the Russians used pencils instead.  Read on!

[Images, NYT and Wikipedia.]

9 thoughts on “Articles a plenty.”

  1. What is the big thing about sudoku? How did it become such a craze? Everyone’s doing it and once again I’m left out. Now I’m curious as to how it caught on. 59,600,000 pages on Google alone!

  2. My sister, who lives in London, tells me that the OED has added “sudoku widow” as an official new phrase in the English language. (She herself is a sudoku widow.)

  3. Hit Say It! too fast. When I was visiting her (my sister) in February, I gave her husband a Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil after watching him labor over sudoku in the London paper from Saturday through Monday. Didn’t improve my sister’s feelings about the matter, though.

  4. Sudoku was promoted in the U.K by Carole Vorderman, a co-host of a very popular afternoon quiz programme. Carole is a very tasty piece of eye candy for the thinking man, and clever with it.

    I’ve gone back, or progressed, to using a pencil over the last few years. With my spelling ability, it’s the obvious choice. My favourite, a Rotring T 0.5.

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