Kutsuwa pencil extenders.

Shane from Utah sent in some great photos of a very beautiful pencil extender:

Here is my favorite pencil extender. The main advantage to this extender is that it is hollow its entire length, unlike most extenders which have a solid handle attached to a clutch. Because of this extender’s design, you can also use it as a protector or holder for even a full-length pencil without adding any significant length to the protected pencil. I carry a fully protected pencil in my pocket and use it down to the nub.

I cannibalized the pocket clip from a Pentel mechanical pencil to trick out one of the extenders and help it ride my shirt pocket more safely. The clip also prevents rolling on the desk.

I bought these beauties at the Kinokuniya Japanese book store in San Francisco, and I’ve seen them at the Kinokuniya in Seattle. They were $4.15 for the pair. I have not been able to find how to order these online, but physical store locations are linked at http://www.kinokuniya.com/. Maybe PencilThings or another supplier can get a stock of these and make them accessible online to our comrades everywhere? Looks like the manufacturer is Kutsuwa.

Visit Shane’s new blog Scrawler Tap!

[Text and images, S.T. Used with kind permission.]

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  1. Kinokuniya store is the best! in Los ANgeles it is located in Weller Court on the corner of Los Angeles and 2nd Street, by the New Otani Hotel. They have LOTS of pencils.

    I’d also like to mention that the MUSGRAVE pencil, which i got from pencilthings.com, is excellent. it writes a dark line, very smoothly, and makes me happy. the staedtler cadet is not happy-making. it is scratchy and not dark.

    thank you i feel better now.

  2. thanks for the heads up about Kinokuniya!

    I went to the New York store on my lunch break and spend $8 on pencils. I got some 2Bs and 3Bs and a couple HB writing pencils. Very excited.

    I love the stationary dept. there.

  3. stumbled upon your blog and became fascinated. i never knew someone this in love with pencils. kudos to your passion. :]

  4. I just got back from the Costa Mesa store, picked up some of the extenders and some tombow HB’s. Good selection of sharpeners there including some long point and the T’GAAL.

  5. Yesterday I was asking for help in finding a pencil extender and did not like the ones I found. I decided to make one myself out of an old graphite fishing rod. It worked great; the graphite is light and well ballanced; you can cut your extender to any length.

  6. To whom it may concern:
    The Staedtler Cadet has revolutionized the test taking process OVERNIGHT!!! The staedtler cadet is THE most dynamic tool in test taking since the advent of the eraser.
    Some may say superstition, I say nay. The Cadet as a unique ability recall stored information from the inner-most depths of the cerebrum and channel that information to the fingertips. Right where you need it most. The exact mechanism of this phenomenon is unknown. However, the proof of its effectiveness is irrefutable!!! This pencil is a must buy for ANYONE, ANYWHERE, for ANY type of scan-tron testing.
    Please direct all questions and comments to NickolasW@gmail.com
    Nick Willard

  7. I have purchased 2 sets of Japanese pencil extenders just after Christmas from KinoKuniya-Seattle. Speak with Yuko Tweed @ 206-587-2477 and she will handle the details of shipping.

    These are very well made. There are two models RH003-250 with Happy Eraser ($4.15) and RH004-200 ($3.30)without eraser. My only qualm is that the RH004-200 has a cumbersome oversized grip collar that unbalances the unit. Neither one matches exactly the photos supplied by Shane above. I would prefer the ones he has with slim barrel and slim grip without eraser for sketching. My model with eraser has same slim barrel and grip as Shanes and is great for writing but not sketching.

    Maybe Shane has a different model.

  8. Finally!

    I worked as an architect in Japan about ten ears ago. He was a peculiar fellow and required everyone in his large office to sharpen wooden pencils with a knife. Only plum Mitsubishi 6Hs were allowed.

    I never quite mastered the knife sharpening aspect of the job, but I did take home three pencil extenders with me.

    Over time two of them got lost leaving me with one. I have had a deep seeded morbid fear of loosing it for over three years now.

    I have desperately tried to locate information about the product but until today I was unsuccessful. All other extenders suck. Faber Castell makes a silver one with Diamonds but it weighs too much. The green plastic ones are, well plastic.

    A Google image search located this image. A call to the bookstore and the truth at last!

    The cannibalizing of the pocket clip to stop the rolling is brilliant!

    I go through about 3 colored pencils of various colors a week as part of my job. It has been a trying time for me over the past years; changing pencil holders when changing colors. But that time is over. I’m going to buy an hundred of the beautiful beasts!

    I have never written to a blogsite, but this is the greatest news in my life ever!

    Long live Kutsuwa!

    Thank you so much for your post!


  9. Kutsuwa is not the only company makes this kind of pencil extender. I used to live in Japan and saw a lot there. I might be able to ask my mom to send me some….Let me know if you are interested.

  10. I live in Hong Kong and there is a retail shop selling these extenders (an improved edition where you can stick a replaceable eraser on it) which sells for ~10 HKD each (1.5 USD).

  11. There is a vendor on ebay of 1/9/08 selling metal extenders similar to this not sure if they are Kutsuwa but they look similar in design and he’s selling them dirt cheap just type in Pencil Extender in ebay.

  12. Pencil lovers rejoice; no need to mourn the unavailability of the commercial pencil extenders. The Pentel Clic Eraser at about $1.79 each will firmly hold both round and hexagonal pencils, although you usually have to remove the brass ferrule holding the worn out remains of the hard, red eraser on your pencil stubs. Even the short pencils from the golf course fit just fine and are made useful. The bonus is that you have a retractable, four inch vinyl eraser as part of your system.



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