Michael McClure.

We are very happy to feature some wonderful work from artist Michael McClure, but I will let him speak for himself:

I think it’s just amazing what you can create with pencil. I’ve always loved the medium. Pencils are like a trusted friend that will never let you down. You don’t need a power source of any kind (other than your hand I suppose) and they work in any temperature. There’s just something very raw and ‘right brained’ about them and I can’t quite put my finger on it. My most recent project is much the same as I’ve done in the past but this time I’m using just a hint of coloured pencil when the work is complete. I only wish I had more time to explore the medium further – maybe something for retirement.

The image of the Derwent collection shows the pencils I used to create the artwork on my site. All the artwork I’ve done have been done with this same set of pencils – and look how little used they appear. Just imagine how many future works of art might be contained in these pencils. Sometimes I can hear them calling me from the art shelf – pencils by nature have something to say.

You can check out more great work at Michael’s website, with the pencil work located here.

[Text and images, M.M. Used with very kind permission.]

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  1. I am sure you have heard of Michael Mcclure the poet. ( I am sure you battle for search engine supremacy with him) I met him once, amazing beat poet. I love the ‘hand tree!’

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