Sanford tour.

Doug at the Grand Pooba of pencil sites, The Pencil Pages, posted a great story a few months ago retelling a tour he took of Sanford’s pencil factory in Lewisburg, Tennessee (United States), and I set it to post in the future, but after the Blogger-to-Wordpress switch, the post disappeared. Many apologies for the long delay, but Doug’s pages are well worth the wait.

Please check out the great photos and details of pencil manufacturing from Doug here.

[Photos, D.M. Used very extra kind permission.]

5 thoughts on “Sanford tour.”

  1. all that capability and they still won’t make a blackwing? Even without the unique eraser? I’d buy a blackwing with a normal eraser – Fascinating tour, though… Bring back the Eagle as a quality brand, bring back the Blackwing! ;-)

  2. Cool but its spelt Poobah. He’s a character from The Mikado. an opera with a pencil named after it. Then Pearl Harbor happened and that became the Mirado etc…
    Oops I shouldnt nitpick things like that. its the G&S fanatic in me that hates it when such things are misquoted.

  3. I am doing a class this next year on Tennessee History and would love to bring my class to your plant. Who do I need to talk with about this?
    Thank you

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