Ashley’s stubby pencil solution.

From Comrade Ashley:

Here attached are some photos of a new use for short, stubby pencils. Office Depot sells thin, plastic Mead brand index card cases. They hold 50 cards. I’ve discovered that they can also hold a small pencil — the ones I don’t use because they’ve gotten too short, but are still functional. Moreover, a few index cards can be secured to the outside of the case with a rubber band, a la expensive Levenger index card holders!

Vive la Revolucion!

Many thanks to Ashley, a truly dedicated Revolutionary:)

[Text and image, A.M.  Used with kind permission.]

3 thoughts on “Ashley’s stubby pencil solution.”

  1. Sorry the pictures are so small–I took them with my phone. With this post I was merely showing a new use I’ve devised for the shortest of pencils. The Mead index card box is a simple plastic container with a hinged door that opens to hold the index cards, as well as a small pencil. I’ve found that a rubber band secures a couple of index cards on the outside of the box, where they are ready to be used.

  2. I found a couple of them at Office Depot. They do make neat cases for short pencils. The only thing that I thought could improve them is if they were flat and not curved.

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