The New Blackwings Arrive!

From the pencil-loving folks who brought you the beloved Palomino, we are pleased to be one of a few harbingers of the newly reborn Blackwing pencil.  We received two of them today in the mail, in a much anticipated envelope.

Please keep in mind two things:

1) These are strictly pre-production samples.  So changes to the final product may or may not be made.  We checked with our comrades at Cal Cedar before posting these images, and they requested that we stress that this a pre-production run.

2) We do not sell or make these (or any other pencils) at Pencil Revolution.  We merely spread the word and the, er, graphite.  There has been a lot of confusion about that over the last few years, and it’s probably my own fault for my strange collective voicing of things.

Just wanted to get this post up, to brag in a way, before sharpening one of these beauties up and doing some writing.

See also Orange Crate Art, Boing Boing and The Blackwing Pages for more first impressions.

The return of the Blackwing pencil!

I was on the email list for testing the new Blackwing pencil, which will be brought to you from the folks who make one of the finest pencils in the world: the Palomino. [Also on Boing Boing.]

Wow.  I ran this blog for a long time and never even held one of the originals.  Now two would come in the mail, completely unexpectedly.  I was ecstatic and thought, well, heck, I haven’t been in the pencil world in a long time. I miss this blog and pencils in general sometimes.

Over the last four years, I moved [back] to Baltimore, finished my PhD, served two years of AmeriCorps VISTA service, kept up my personal [foul-mouthed] blog and welcomed our adorable daughter into the world.  I’ve also watched as a plethora of writing instrument blogs have proliferated with a small degree of jealousy — especially because some of them are really quite good.

So, who knows?  Maybe I’ll catch the pencil bug again and re-launch this blog.  Someone’s gotta compete with all the ink blogs out there (not compete; I kid).