The return of the Blackwing pencil!

I was on the email list for testing the new Blackwing pencil, which will be brought to you from the folks who make one of the finest pencils in the world: the Palomino. [Also on Boing Boing.]

Wow.  I ran this blog for a long time and never even held one of the originals.  Now two would come in the mail, completely unexpectedly.  I was ecstatic and thought, well, heck, I haven’t been in the pencil world in a long time. I miss this blog and pencils in general sometimes.

Over the last four years, I moved [back] to Baltimore, finished my PhD, served two years of AmeriCorps VISTA service, kept up my personal [foul-mouthed] blog and welcomed our adorable daughter into the world.  I’ve also watched as a plethora of writing instrument blogs have proliferated with a small degree of jealousy — especially because some of them are really quite good.

So, who knows?  Maybe I’ll catch the pencil bug again and re-launch this blog.  Someone’s gotta compete with all the ink blogs out there (not compete; I kid).

13 thoughts on “The return of the Blackwing pencil!”

  1. Glad to see you’re back, and congrats on your Blackwing advance sample! I’m green with jealousy.

    By the way, if you find that you want any partner bloggers for this blog, I would be interested. I used to operate the PencilThings blog, but that business was sold and the new owners shut down the blog. I’m doing it at my own site, but I work better working for a bigger cause.

    Food, er, pencils for thought. Drop me an email if any of that sounds interesting to you.

  2. We’ll probably (?) not get up an running to the extent that we were a few years ago, but if there’s an article/review/etc. that you have in mind, let us know, and we’ll get in touch. (old PR email is WAY full, LOL)

  3. So good to see a new post on your blog!
    I’ve kept faith- and kept you on my blog roll, too!!
    Yes, indeed, always more room for graphitistos and graphitistas.
    Here’s rooting for you!

  4. John –

    Wow! A post from the first and “original” pencil blogger. If I’d known all it took was sending you a few samples of something new to pull you back in I’d a done that years ago.

  5. LOL, it’s largely circumstances. Weird to think that life would settle down a little after Charlotte was born (pregnancy and bed-rest were frantic). I don’t get the free time I used to have as a student (not sure I want THAT much free time anymore, LOL), but I have a little here and there that I didn’t have a few months ago.

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