1. Adair

    These are great pencils, I agree. In my experience, though, they have proved much, much smoother than the General’s Cedar-Pointe. I am hoping that Field Notes will get a fresh supply soon!

  2. Tom Glidden

    I used this pencil for the first time, last weekend. I thought it was very light but well balanced. After taking several dimensions down, I realized how much I loved this pencil. Since I left the drafting board for the computer, I still long for the days of triangles and lead. My former tool of the trade was the Staedler-Mars drafting lead holder (not the .7mm type). Field Notes are now my constant companion. I use the pen because of its size. I agree the pencils are too long to accompany the notebook.

  3. Bought a six-pack of these (and got a three-pack of notebooks free due to a deal) and have fallen in love with them. That was three weeks ago and two of them are already small little cedar nubs! :D I love the cedar-scent that these release and the fact that every time I sharpen them, I get a hint of a smell I remember from back in grade school… Great review! I’ve added your blog to my list of blogs to check up on… ^_^


  4. Chris

    I always take the pencils cut them at the dotted line after “Field Notes” and before “Bonded Lead”. Then I grind the top of the longer segment with a stone to give it a rounded top. Two pencils, a shorty with an eraser and a pencil that fits comfortably in my grip.

  5. So, guess what? These pencils are NOT made in the USA after all.

    Here’s a quote from Dawson at Field Notes:

    > Hi Jason, all of our notebooks are made in the USA but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find a pen or pencil manufacturer in the US so for the time being we have to use imported ones.
    > Best,
    > Dawson

  6. More details:

    The pencils are, technically, made in the USA. They’re made from California-grown Cedar, which is shipped to Asia to make the ‘slats,’ (the lead bonded into flat pieces of wood) then they are returned to the US and milled and assembled and printed. A few sources have told us that no one in the US makes slats anymore, so the FTC (or whatever agency regulates it) allows slats to be made overseas for “US-made” pencils (Not entirely sure, but possibly OSHA or environmental concerns prohibit it?). it’s a weird definition, but that’s how most, if not all, US-made pencils are done. We’ve been in touch with Musgrave and General but both said they would be unable to print our logo on their pencils.

    So, I’m now left wondering whether it’s true that no one makes pencils in the USA anymore…

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