Pencils from Zack.

The pleasures of running a pencil blog are many.  One of them is that you receive gifts of pencils, not only from manufacturers/dealers, but also from individuals.  We have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of many such generous gifts.  Some of these come from off-line and long-time friends of mine, running in the same vein as most of the pencil gifts I personally make to other people.  My good Comrade Zack, a cabinet maker in Baltimore, found these very old and very interesting pencils at a steamshow this weekend.  They smell strongly of cedar, despite their age, and I am trying very hard to resist the urge to sharpen one and try it.

What sorts of pencil gifts do other folks get?

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  1. I wonder how old they are… “Greetings from your teacher”, I like that. The best pencils I have given to my students are Faber-Castell Bonanzas (they are great value for money), but I know somehow who is kind enough to give his students Palominos :)

  2. I generally try to learn what my students (adults) use before I give them anything, though recently I just gave away a box of Tombow 8900 HBs on a whim because I didn’t really want them.

    Most of the time, I don’t give wooden pencils, since very few people I know like to use them. I gave away a few Kuru Togas and some of the more popular gel pens (Slicci, Hi-Tec-C, Signo DX) not too long ago, and I occasionally give away notebooks like Rhodia pads and good Tombow Mono erasers if I have extras.

    However, I discovered one of my coworkers liked using wooden pencils, so I gave her a mixed dozen of Hi-Unis, Palominos, Mars Lumographs, and Item 17s in a Hi-Uni box. That’s a little pricey to do on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t have any issues giving away sets of Mitsubishi 9800 or Ohto 9000. I’m not sentimental enough to opt for more novelty gift pencils…I’d rather they get used.

      1. Fred, the Ohto 9000 is a product that, as far as I know, is limited to the Taiwanese market. I don’t know any sellers that ship it internationally, as I generally just get them from local bookstores as singles (boxed dozens are not as common).

  3. Hi, I am a pencil fan for writing in my journal and personal letters. I think so far that the Papermate Classic, is about the best writing so far but I am always on the hunt for others. What is the best in everyone’s opinion for it?


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