1. I wonder how old they are… “Greetings from your teacher”, I like that. The best pencils I have given to my students are Faber-Castell Bonanzas (they are great value for money), but I know somehow who is kind enough to give his students Palominos :)

  2. Robert M.

    I generally try to learn what my students (adults) use before I give them anything, though recently I just gave away a box of Tombow 8900 HBs on a whim because I didn’t really want them.

    Most of the time, I don’t give wooden pencils, since very few people I know like to use them. I gave away a few Kuru Togas and some of the more popular gel pens (Slicci, Hi-Tec-C, Signo DX) not too long ago, and I occasionally give away notebooks like Rhodia pads and good Tombow Mono erasers if I have extras.

    However, I discovered one of my coworkers liked using wooden pencils, so I gave her a mixed dozen of Hi-Unis, Palominos, Mars Lumographs, and Item 17s in a Hi-Uni box. That’s a little pricey to do on a regular basis, but I wouldn’t have any issues giving away sets of Mitsubishi 9800 or Ohto 9000. I’m not sentimental enough to opt for more novelty gift pencils…I’d rather they get used.

  3. Tim

    Hi, I am a pencil fan for writing in my journal and personal letters. I think so far that the Papermate Classic, is about the best writing so far but I am always on the hunt for others. What is the best in everyone’s opinion for it?


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