1. Jenny

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m a new subscriber to your blog. The pencils we use in all our wonderful notebooks tend to get overlooked. :)

  2. Eric

    Good review. I also find the price really high. The new Blackwings sell for $19.95 for 12. I wish Rhodia pencils were more along this price range.

    • Just put in my order for a dozen Blackwings! I hope Pencils.Com carries more General’s stuff soon! They have the Semi-Hex (ordered those, too), but the Cedar Pointe is hard to get, save from shops with expensive shipping.

  3. Thanks for the review. I enjoy the Rhodia pads more than the pencils, but I do pull these out to write with from time to time. I use them more for notes than drawing. They’re just a little too scratchy for that, and have too many competitors in my pencil jar.

  4. Nice to see this.
    I’ve been writing with Rhodia pencils for several years- and enjoy them for the same reasons as you. I must add, however, that the softness of the graphite makes sharpening constantly necessary- and a wider sharpener is needed to handle the girth of the Rhodia pencil. They seem more like 2B than HB.

    You might like this- which starts off with writing on the roof of the Boston Athenaeum:

    -and this one, which gives a tour of Portland Maine- with a very Rhodia flavor:

    Thanks so much for bringing back your blog! It’s great!

    • Thanks for the kind words, A. I confess that I was reading through some of your archives last week during my lunchbreak one day (and perhaps for a bit after my break should have ended!). I always enjoy your photos immensely and only wish you were on Flickr for enlarged versions. :) Your recent piece on Thoreau was amazing. I haven’t been back to MA since August 2008, and something’s missing when I don’t get back to Walden often enough. I kick myself for taking it from granted during my short two years at BC.

  5. Colin Edwards

    Have just come upon your blog via Rhodia Drive. The pencils are all that you say and are just as expensive in UK, which is possibly why so few stores will stock them and I have to buy most of my Rhodia products through the internet. I am not an avid collector of pencils or anything else … just like the feel and shape of these. Thanks too for the link to the great photos on laviegraphite above.

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