Trains, pens and planners on pencil sharpening.

Certainly, there are those of us who prefer pencils to pens and computers, in part, because of the joy of sharpening. My better half giggled last week when I confessed to the existence of my box of nearly forty pencil sharpeners in the closet in our daughter’s room (she’s only 5 months old and too little to find them yet) and when she noticed one in our bathroom I’d left there. But then I opened a box which contained several of her sharpeners, in shades of pink and red.  And I giggled a bit.

Trains, pens and planners presents us with a short piece on the simple joys of pencil sharpening:

“It was at this point I realised what a pleasure sharpening a pencil was. I had forgotten the physical feeling of turning the pencil, the noise, the swirl of shaved wood. Now this doesn’t mean I shall give up on mechanical pencils to start a pencil sharpening frenzy in my life. It does make me think a bit more about the simple things in life. The things that we don’t take time to think about or if we notice them don’t capture the feeling. It’s probably impossible to pay attention to the small things all the time but perhaps choosing a day to consciously notice the small things would be enriching, in a small way. I must try that.”

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2 thoughts on “Trains, pens and planners on pencil sharpening.”

  1. Cool beans! The Pencil Revolution is alive again. Normally I rely on mechanical pencils and leadholders while on the go, and tend to use my wooden pencils and sharpeners while enjoying the comfort of the home studio. To ensure a shared appreciation for fine graphite tools, I tend to share my favorites and introduce kids to pencil doodling as soon as they show interest in it as toddlers.

  2. Hey there

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I am not the best at checking my blog in the summer as i tend to be off enjoying the simple things but the link has meant I’ve found your great blog in return.
    As I said I tend to be a mechanical pencil type but the Faber Castell prefect pencil has a sharpener as a top so it is better for popping in a bag and i have some tourist memento pencils from Texas and Switzerland that i like to use

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