1. Looks interesting. I assumed it was an inexpensive pencil and was disappointed to see that a pack of 9 is $12 ($17 with S/H). That’s outside my price range for a roughly finished pencil. Capping the end is a good idea.

  2. Eric

    From the look of it; the pencil reminds me of what a Druaflame log might look like. If it is as comfortable as you say, then I could look past looks. I find the Tri-conderogas to be comfortable for long writing. If I were writing a novel by long hand I would go with a few boxes of Blackwings. As for sharpeners, can you really have too many? Ball point pens might be practical, but lack the fun of a good fountain pen.

  3. Shane

    I have always rebelled at any triangular or other odd-shaped pencil that wants to force me to hold it in a certain way. And this pencil seems even more extreme in providing only *one* writing position. The lead will wear down quickly in that one spot. I guess the trade-off for all that comfort is the need to sharpen more frequently. (Which might be a plus if you have a sharpener you love to use?)

  4. You mentioned writing a novel longhand. I once read that Clive Barker writes all his first drafts of novels long hand. It would be interesting to find out what is his writing instrument of choice.

  5. Melissa

    Are either the pen or pencil still available? I can not find any reference to them on the internet at all, but I think they would be a great tool for my son who has dysgraphia.

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