12 Responses to “I should really start keeping container sharpeners at the office.”

  1. JAbbott says:

    Funny. I keep Palomino long-point and Faber-Castell sharpeners on my desk, along with another sharpener in my bag.

  2. Allen says:

    I have a little Kum magnesium in the office, a Palomino longpoint I carry in my bag and — maybe more importantly to this discussion, I have. . . a a little trash can right by my desk.

  3. It looks like what you need is a Scrapl. (-:

  4. At home, because I’m lazy, I’ve taken to using a heavy little glass custard cup for shavings, since it doesn’t tip over easily and just looks kind of cool. Same general concept as an ash tray, I guess!

    Haven’t figured out a perfect at-work solution, though. I mean…containers are nice and tidy, but it’s so fun to watch the shavings come off! Not to mention I feel more in control of the final product. OK, so I end up getting graphite fingerprints on my papers, but hey…

  5. Eric says:

    Using my sharpeners at work has left a lot of graphite dust on my desk. Any ideas to clean it off.

  6. [...] and this little blurb about a sharpener that collects the its own debris made me think of you, and your recent posting on Pencil Revolution. I made a scan of the article for you. I don’t know how practical such a device would [...]

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