NaNoWriMo 1/2 way check-in.

It’s that time of the NaNoWriMo cycle: half-way!  That means that we’re all either:

1) Bored.
2) Quit.
3) Stressed.
4) Happy.
5) Blocked.
6) Cramped.
7) Other.

I missed a few days this weekend due to just being plain tired. My daughter turned seven months old yesterday(!).  While babies are cute and plain joy, they’re not advantageous for your sleep. Plus, well, my hand hurts!  Writing this by hand has been both refreshing and painful.  It’s been refreshing because I can type several times faster than I can write by hand, no matter what kind of pencil I use.  Slowing down helps me stay in control and not let everything go too much on autopilot.  I’m a little over 18,000 words as of last night, which is a little behind.  One of my writing buddies and blog pals (Gary!) is kicking my butt!

How are other folks faring? I thought I’d do a post about pencils (which ones I’ve been enjoying the most, etc.) and all that, but that might have to wait for later in the week, so that I can do some catching up. If you wanna be writing “buddies” on NaNo, search for me under jfgphd (so many consonants)!

Write on!

6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 1/2 way check-in.”

  1. I’m afraid I’ve fallen off the wagon. I love my story, but my thesis takes precedence. I’ve decided to count my word count there toward the goal for the month.

  2. I *was* doing pretty well. The last thirty-six hours or so may have put the kibosh on the whole deal, though. Power outage at both home and work + The Long Dark of Washington winter days + no battery-powered lamp + being in charge of servers living in a building that didn’t get power back for over twelve hours = a lot of lost writing time. Add to that a reading assignment that took up another morning and evening’s worth of writing time, and I’m not sure I’m going to catch up.

    Gonna try, though.

    I guess I’m lucky. No sore hands or cramping here. I write a lot by hand year ’round, though. Have the writer’s bump to prove it, for better or worse.

    I’m RosieCotton over at the NaNoWriMo site. (It’s a long story…)

  3. My work schedule suddenly changed a little earlier in the month, leaving me not enough time to do the entire project by hand. Since I can type and make minor point revisions at a far faster rate than I can handwrite, I’ll be doing this year’s NaNoWriMo with a keyboard. However, I’ve got a quarter of an A5 notebook stuffed with notes on characters, backstory, and general plot.

    So far, I’ve done about 20% of the above note-taking at home, where I’ve been using woodcased pencils on and off. The rest of the time though, I’m using a leadholder.

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