Pencils from Brian.

I’ve mentioned before (from Zack and from Dan) that I have a lot of very nice and generous friends who gift me with pencils — and that I am always happy to receive them (!).  My friend (and roommate in college) Brian (also a Pencil Revolution contributor) was in Baltimore yesterday.  He came to supper at a local Mexican restaurant bearing a present consisting of a pack of My First Ticonderoga pencils and the iron sculpture you see in the photo.

It turns out that Brian has been taking blacksmith classes and made me this iron pencil, inscribed with the word “REVOLUTION” on it!  It’s really incredible to hold, and, well, beautiful.  He says he doesn’t have more for sale, but, hey, if enough people ask, perhaps the pencil deities will inspire him to create more?

3 Responses to “Pencils from Brian.”

  1. JAbbott says:

    Ha! Way to go Brian. I’d totally buy one. Well, I would if the price were right. I wonder if he could stamp the name on there for cleaner letters. Sorry, I obsess on typography.

  2. Eric says:

    That would make a great paperweight, and for some reason I’m humming “Revolution” by the Beatles. I feel a Glee moment coming! :-)

  3. Tofu says:

    That’s a really cool keepsake. Reminds me of pencils found in my box from grade school.

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