1. Love the boxes. I’ll pick pencils in a box over blister pack any and every day! Great review, JG. Makes me want to go out and find some of these suckers and give ’em a sharpen! :-)

  2. Thanks for the great review. Of course, I am now tempted to try and find a box. :-)

    There is also a blue finished “Semi-Hex Drawing” that I’ve seen for sale at retail.

    • Pencils.Com has them — is their shipping to Canada high? I wish these were easier to find. General’s sells them by the three dozen. But it’s not cheap.

  3. Chad

    I think the Semi-Hex resembles the Dixon Ticonderoga because for a long time Dixons were made in Jersey City, NJ too. They turned to factory into apartments in the late 80s and a giant Ticonderoga hangs across the street.

    • The HB is not as dark or smooth as a Palomino, but I wonder if the B/#1 might get very close. For a relatively inexpensive pencil (esp a yellow one with an eraser), it’s really an amazing pencil.

  4. General’s pencils are really great.
    I hope you have a chance to try their Layout pencil, which is my favorite of all their offerings. These make very bold marks that somehow don’t smear- my choice for writing on the waxy paper in Rite-In-the-Rain notebooks.

  5. Kristopher

    The General’s Test Scoring 580 is my favorite pencil. Smooth and very dark, and it keeps its point very well for lead this dark. Try one; you’ll love it. Tough to find, though. I’ve had to order ’em directly from General Pencil Co.

  6. Russ

    Ordered some based on this review – and because it’s a style of pencil I don’t have yet! Very happy with them and glad they came from a place I can go visit. Anyone know if General Pencil gives tours?

  7. MatteoB

    I ordered some from US to UK on basis of this review. Smooth and dark line but the bonding is bad and points break off very easily. This and the softness ( more B than HB i’d say) means the pencils do not last long at all. I think i’ll stick to the staedtler Noris pencils I grew up with: never snapped a lead yet: German quality.

  8. Baron TZ

    I purchased a batch of Semi-Hex pencils from General, because, after all, if all schoolteachers used them, that must mean something. Not only is the eraser ultra-soft, they NEVER dry out! I have tried others since, the re-created Mongol with the same, abrasive, dry eraser, and RoseArt, which is fine for a cheap pencil. I am going back to SemiHex and staying there!

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