1. The Rhodia’s also come in 4×6. And your review has me Jonesin for one! Sigh. I have no access around here to actually hold one, so may have to closed my eyes and pick. Would like to know if the 4×6 is merely the 6×9 run through a hot dryer, or did they omit something. Pix on rhodiapads seem to show the absence of the three-month thumbnails at the bottom, and instead have the last day of the week from the left-page on the bottom right-page. Anyhoo, tough decision!

    • Might be just a smaller version? (I think I saw some pix on Flickr that showed the differences once.) I will say that the spacing was tight enough that I don’t think I’d have liked the smaller one myself. :)

      • I think I’ll go with the Eco. Like you, not sure if I’d like the dark printing of the Rhodia over time. Going up tomorrow to Ann Arbor for a Trader Joe’s/Ikea run, and there’s a B&N near there, so I can check out the Eco. Curious about their journals as well. Their online prices (through B&N…actually, appears EcoSystem is a B&N company) are mucho cheaper than in-store, BTW.

  2. Back in late ’07, I wrote a post that got bumped to the front page of 43 Folders: “The *Perfect* Weekly Planner?“. What I finally ended up using was a Moleskine Weekly Planner + Notebook, which looks very similar to the EcoSystem you mention above. It was almost perfect, but for the soft cover. I would have liked this hard cover. Oh, had I known about this notebook then!

    I just love the concept of a lined notebook page next to the calendar page. I made so many lists and to-do items, it was perfect.

    Of course, I’ve since switched to my iPhone and computer calendar, which should be high-treason for a pencil enthusiast. But it’s just so darn convenient!

    • I’d been using Moleskines since 2003 (dork factor!), but I sorta gave mine up this summer when the Blackwings came out. The paper is smooth and all, but the smear and ghosting (especially in my little planner) got pretty gross. I’d always wanted to check out Field Notes and EcoSystem, and I was stoked as hell when they sent some samples this fall.

      Moleskines had become a joke against me, since I was always the guy at a meeting with at least 3-4 of them on me (planner, notebook, journal, etc.). “What? Do you work for the company or something?” I’ll never admit how many of these things are in my apartment!

      I could go on. : ) There are just too danged many varieties of what was a really cool niche notebook. I hate that it’s become just a brand now. Not to mention the prehistoric PVC covers that the company promised to fix this past summer and the fact they won’t even publish more comments (at least none that I’ve sent) to the post about this issue. http://www.moleskinerie.com/2010/06/they-smell.html

      But, well, I still like the danged things. ; )

  3. The Rhodia looks spiffing. I particularly like the perforated corners, to tear off each page as you’ve used it. Is there an official name for that, I wonder?

    Anyway. Enjoying the detail, detail, detail.

  4. Thanks for showing these planners! I saw the Ecosystem planner at B+N yesterday but they were all sealed. I truly appreciate the peek inside!

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