RAD AND HUNGRY reached out to a number of stationery blogs, and we’re happy to be able to participate in a drawing for a really sweet kit from Colombia, which will ship directly from R&H.  Essentially, you get a package of local stationery sourced from the same country, on a monthly basis.  How awesome is that?  You get:

A – Writing Instrument
B – Paper Goods
C – Mystery Item
D – The Low Down

The office supplies within each kit (A, B, C) are straight up, no fuss exports – everyday items hand picked from a local dealer in the featured country. A random narrative from the trip (D) accompanies the goods. The kit is shipped out to subscribers’ homes on the first Tuesday of each month.

Now.  How do we decide who wins this package?  Do we randomly select from commenters, from our Facebook group, or subscribers?  Do we have a contest?  A pencil-themed contest?  But, what should it look like?  The contest, that is?  Any suggestions?  (Seriously.  I’m only coming up with Hemingway trivia.)

In the meantime, check out RAD AND HUNGRY’s blog.  To paraphrase The Dude, I dig their style, man.

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