RAD & HUNGRY Contest Trivia Question.

As promised, here is the pencil trivia question for the RAD & HUNGRY Colombia pack give away.  This contest is open to anyone with a mailing address, the world over (with thanks to R&H).  I was very tempted to include something from literature as the trivia question.  But.  Well.  I can’t resist a good television character with a love of  pencils and flannel.


The show ran during the previous decade on a national American network, possibly in other countries.  It’s set in a small town.  The character in question is usually found with flannel, a ball cap and a pencil.  He will give you coffee if you ask for it.  He is curmudgeonly and enjoys stick-shifts.  He is a good guy and seems to hate razors.

Who is the character (his name)?

The contest will close at 11:59pm Eastern US Standard Time on this Wednesday, December 8th.  To enter, please use the CONTACT FORM (CLICK) to send your name, email address and your one guess.  All correct Comrades will have their names written down and put into a black backpack.  One person who is not me will draw one paper, and the winner will be announced Thursday.  Hen at RAD & HUNGRY is kind enough to handle the shipping of this awesome and exciting pack!

Good luck!

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