1. Eric

    I have not noticed any smear problems with my other Rhodia pads. The Dot Webbie is a great idea, and should prove popular.

  2. paulien

    These sound like the perfect compromise between lines and squares. Do they have the red line down the side that the lined pads have (there might be a word for this)? The grids don’t and I like that better since you can use more space. I would like a lined pad without it.
    Now only if they would sell rhodia in more places in Amsterdam than just this tiny one that is almost never open….

  3. Great review! I *will* be picking one of these up eventually. It seems like these would allow you to write straighter than you could on a plain blank page, without necessarily constraining handwriting size. Writing in pencil on graph paper, I tend to try to stay between the lines of a given row, and it’s awkward.

  4. […] used yellow paper like this, and I will be a repeat user of this book for sure. I’d mention the smoothness of the paper and the solid construction of the Rhodia pads themselves. But, well, we all know this already. I really like the No. 19, coming in at 8.25 X 12.5 inches, […]

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