1. Great stuff. While he looks at new pencils as full of potential, I like to collect short stubs for an opposite yet similar reason – they’ve been used to write, draw, record, and share so much.

  2. […] There’s only something elementary as well as balmy about them. we mean, we don’t wish to get as well existential about connected lead or anything, but, hell, there’s only so most probability in any one! It freaks me out. That small pencil…the apparatus aspect…is this small gateway to a million ideas. we consider about which kind of things with any a single we moment into. In a universe where things have been some-more as well as some-more compacted, complicated, sped up as well as digitized, a unchanging aged timber pencil is regularly there for you. Never wanting to be recharged, we know?” (pencilrevolution) […]

  3. xtophr

    Excellent. Especially the part about the Berol wall-mounted sharpeners. My last bastion of procrastination through all my school years. I can almost smell the musky shavings.

    Much respect to Mr. Draplin and the interviewer.

  4. i adore pencils for all these reasons and more. I love the interaction with paper and your idea- very evolutionary. I like the need for sharpening devices as a way of stopping to consider your work. As an aside I like the way you can leave one (or several) on your desk without fear of theft by co-workers.

  5. I’ve always preferred mechanical pencils myself. I guess that puts me in an odd no-man’s land. I like the freedom and immediacy of tracing graphite on paper with the flexibility of do-overs. And the line is always consistent. I just can’t bear stopping to sharpen to avoid those thick, transparent lines while I’m in the groove, rapidly firing off a sketch post-haste.

    Great article, by the way.

  6. JP

    I’m trying to make out what is in the box? Are they a covered pencils or pens?
    <3 field notes!! I use pencils at my job all the time and I have a fondness for the Mirado Black Warrrior, which was bought by Papermate about 4 -5 yrs ago. Curious how the field notes pencils matches up. I also like to collect pencils in my daily travels, and NEVER throw them away. Great Profile!!

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