1. logan

    I didn’t even know bullets existed until recently, very cool. It’s interesting that the Faber Perfect holder/extender is basically just a fancied up bullet. I’m definitely on the lookout for bullet/referee pencils now.

    Wonder when some enterprising pencil blog will order an imprinted batch from an ad specialty company. I’ve seen them in catalogs for around $1 each if you get 250+. No idea about the quality. Probably horrible.

  2. Shane

    Mr. Draplin is passionate about hexagonal pencils.
    Part 1: “Basically, anything that’s natural wood, and, hexagonal!”
    Part 2: “Hex pencils, people!”

    But the Field Notes pencils and the Draplin pencils on his site are round. Did he design round? Seriously curious question, no disrespect intended.

    I personally prefer round pencils. I wish I could find a natural wood finish, round, #2.5 (F) or #3 (H) pencil! Like the Field Notes pencil but harder.

  3. Awesome interview John! I love the photos of his bullet pencil collection. I never knew that they existed. At first glance I thought they were hack jobs – the bottom half of old ballpoint pens fitted with short pencils. Almost like a lead holder of some sort. Hmm…. maybe I can make something work?

  4. Thanks so much for the interview! I’d love to see the bullet advertising pencil revived! Maybe a Field Notes bullet pencil will be a future endeavor?

  5. Ryan

    I love bullet pencils & would like and help with replacing the erasers on older pencils where the eraser is intact but all dried out. I’m trying to pull out old ones and put back in new ones w/o tearing them all to pieces. Thanks for any advice you can give. Great interviews!

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