Pencil Revolution on Facebook.

Join us now on Facebook! This is different than the “group.” We’re moving on up to a page, wherein Comrades can receive updates, and there will be a “wall” on which anyone can post.

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  1. Thanks, but I don’t Tweet or do the book. I think it turns us into stalkers, and besides do you really want all your images to become property of Facebook?

  2. I just don’t get it. Why should Facebook use my work to collect data about those who are interested in what I am doing? Why should I provide a valuable basis for a company who earns real money with it without getting a real compensation for it?

    Blogs may look outdated but I feel much better with sharing my work on a aplatform that allows an almost complete control over content, presentation and my visitor’s data. Besides that, my visitors can comment anonymously, stay up-to-date via RSS feeds and if they would like to have their comment edited or deleted, I’ll do that. No third-party collects their IP address, personal data or spies on their behaviour. And my work remains my own.

    The popularity of Facebook may appeal to everyone who likes to have more visitors, fans or whatever, but given the price the user and his/her fans pay for that it is a very poor deal for every Facebook member.

    1. There are no plans to move our content over to FB. The PR Facebook page is mostly to point folks to the blog, though certainly links and comments and photos and etc. are most welcome and appreciated there — and will likely appear on here. I definitely share your feelings about blogs in general. My personal [other] blog turns 7 years old this week, which is maybe 100 in blog years. : )

  3. We certainly don’t mean to sell Facebook to anyone who doesn’t already have an account. Privacy on the internet is something a lot of people are talking about (which is certainly a very good thing, though DOING would be better) these days. Some food for thought:

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