Excellent Vintage Pencils Ads.

From Comrade Brian in Portland Oregon, we have some great scans of vintage pencil ads. Unlike usual, these expand when you click them! Brian writes:

“I found a bunch of pencil adds in some old “Industrial Arts and Vocational Education” magazines from 1951, and thought you might find them interesting, so I scanned some for you. I thought that it was interesting to see these ads, and know that there was once a time and forum for the art of the pencil in its different amalgamations and uses.”

Many thanks to Brian for always being on the lookout for great pencil stuff!

4 Replies to “Excellent Vintage Pencils Ads.”

  1. Makes you realize how advertising has changed and how differently a pencil would advertise today if they did it in any substantial way (to the average consumer that is, who really does not think about or care about pencils). These are from another world! Thanks!

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