1. I can pretty much sum up my response to this review in one word: want.

    Really like the look of these! The fact that they’re made practically next door to me in Portland, OR (I’m in Olympia, WA) is a bonus. I also tend to write the start and finish dates on the cover of any notebooks I use, so having a spot for that is a nice touch.

    I’m actually kind of short on pocket notebooks at the moment, despite my plethora of larger ones. I think I’ll give these a try.

      • Will do! The benefit of being so close to Portland is that I already have some in hand. They came last night! Still need some time to play around, but the form factor is about perfect. The paper is also thicker than I expected, and I’m pleased to discover the ruling is a tiny smidge wider than Moleskine, which I find a bit cramped.

  2. Mr Graywood

    Great review!
    I’m looking for a batch of notebooks for me and my friends to keep track of hikingtrips.
    These seem great!
    But I need to know how many lines are on each page, as I need a minimum of 16.
    Could you help me by counting them? I can’t find a good pic anywhere to count myself..

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