Field Notes, at the State Fair.

For my birthday two weeks ago, I was treated to a night at the Maryland State Fair by my family. I couldn’t resist breaking in my last County Fair edition between packs of the Day Game edition, for my Fairly Pocket Notebook. This was a Thursday.

That Sunday, I got caught — sans umbrella — in a long and heavy downpour and was soaked to the skin. Even my hardier cargo shorts were no match for this deluge. There were a few notes in this book in pen, and liquid inks (Flair, Zebra Regal) just made a huge mess, some enough to not be able to make out what I wrote. Everything in pencil (at least 90% of the book) was Okay.

One of my favorite things about the County Fair edition and Field Notes in general is how much better they look when they get worn-in. For instance, the corners and edges of these linen covers lose their floodcoated ink and aged in white, while the covers developed some prominent creases. I was sorely sorry when this was full.

This is also something I have always liked about pencils: they are not [always] neat. I catch myself trying to put an end to GHOSTING and things like that. But, in the end, anything but water/fade-proof ink on waterproof paper (can you combine them?) is going to look beat-up after some time in one’s pocket.

Why not embrace it?

7 Replies to “Field Notes, at the State Fair.”

  1. Love the theme of embracing the imperfection. Misplaced perfectionism can be so hobbling. I’m trying to give up even the hunt for the perfect writing implement. My favorite pencils now are leftover little stubs my kids leave in the kitchen drawer – some with the erasers completely gone. That, together with forgetting about worrying over ghosting, smearing, etc, – like you suggest – seems so liberating.

  2. I still like to have things looks as new as possible. I don’t know how to break out of it. We haven’t had our state fair yet. I should look into getting this.

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