One of the Best Things About Running a Pencil Blog.

Hen sent some very nice pencils for my daughter this week, and I realized how great it is to run a blog like this one. I am fortunate to be on the receiving end of folks all over the world just being plain NICE.

Since this blog started in summer 2005, I have been lucky enough to:

      • Try new pencils before they come out and even to try some pencils that never quite made it to the market
      • Receive wonderful packages of pencils varying from pencils we just can’t get in the USA (from Daniel in Brazil, Dave in New Zealand, Matthias in the UK, Hen from Rad and Hungry), to very cool vintage pencils, to very nice pencil gear (Shane from Utah)
      • Receive encouragement from folks when times get tough & the trolls get tougher
      • Connect with pencil and stationery enthusiasts all over; I have quite a few internet friends I would otherwise never know
      • Learn! I’ve gotten recommendations for books, films and articles that have changed my thinking on many subjects (childhood summers, environmental issues, trade issues, etc.)
      • Hoard pencils a bit; I won’t lie: our stationery stash contains a few dozen free pencils, notebooks and sketchbooks, a few sharpeners, some protectors, a book, etc.
      • Share some art, writing, and reviews from very talented and generous Comrades who have reached out to us or been gracious when we’ve reached out to them
      • Realize just how nice a lot of people can be, especially when they stick their necks out for you or heal with kind words

The last seven and a half years have been very different and much better for the folks I’ve come to know because of this humble blog, even when posting was…slow. Myriad thanks to everyone who has been kind to us with pencils or encouragement or compliments, to everyone who has shared their work, and to all of our dear Comrades the World Over who read this site and keep using pencils to record, to create and to inspire.

12 thoughts on “One of the Best Things About Running a Pencil Blog.”

  1. I absolutely agree, comrade! Though my blogging has seriously slowed as of late, it is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done, and the community I’ve found while doing it has been warm, welcoming, and really, really interesting. Great post, and yay! Hen saves the day yet again.

  2. absolutely! This has become one of my favorite places on the web, and one of the few blogs that I actually read, which I probably shouldn’t say. But!…I will have Palomino blues, oranges, forest choices, pen holsters, and RiteintheRain pads with recommended General’s layouts all in my stocking this year! The revolution has changed my life.


  3. I agree too! When I started my blog about five years ago I have never expected to gain so much from it.

    Thank you for your blog – it was one of the very few I visited when I started to use the Internet to fuel my pencil obsession :-) May I offer you a little something to show my appreciation for your blog?

    By the way, the photos are great (especially the first one).

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