1. Wait…what’s this about mandolin? (I am easily distracted.)

    I agree, this paper is a joy to write on. I have a mini notebook, and a larger journal waiting in the wings. The texture (I think?) seems to lock in the writing, thus all but eliminating the smearing that is the one thing that bugs me about pencil in a journal. I have had some trouble with erasing compared to some other papers, but it’s a compromise I can live with.

    • We took some Youngins camping, and they brought their guitars. I was the “old man” sitting around the fire with the tiny mandolin. :)
      It makes sense that paper that resists smearing and ghosting would also resist erasing. I should qualify that while the soft erasers worked well, they required more pressure (and more eaten eraser) than usual. To be honest, I usually just cross out on the run anyway.

  2. Teresa Cruz

    I have used Rite in the Rain many times before, but I much prefer Duksbak waterproof paper http://www.rdpenhall.com/. I work in geology, and sturdy, waterproof notebooks are a necessity. I also love pens, pencils, and stationary in general. Duksbak looks and feels nicer than Rite in the Rain, and I think it has better durability and weatherproofing. Also, pens work on it just fine!

  3. Thanks for this review. I wish these were more easily available on my side of the pond. There are few online shops that stock these, but I’ve never seen them in a bricks and mortar shop.
    The pencil case is really cool, too!

  4. My husband has owned his Rite in the Rain notebook for YEARS. It’s in the back of his trunk and it looks the same, as day one.
    They are wonderful items…..and the yellow color is perfect.
    Great review…makes me want to buy more and line shelves with them!

  5. The pencil holder looks like a great idea. I wonder though, do you have it wrapped all the way around the notebook (as to keep it closed) or just the cover? I’m asking because if it were just around the cover, I wonder whether a notebook could still lie flat.

    • I have it around the whole book to hold it closed, but it would work around just the cover, to have somewhere to put it while writing in the notebook. If you’re holding the book up, it works fine. But on a table, it is definitely a big lump. : )

      I put the strap around my left wrist (I’m right handed) while I was writing, so that I didn’t lose it. It’s stiff enough to slide back on without disengaging the velcro.

  6. Darlene Sloan

    I work for a school district and am putting information kits together for our maintenance crew to do a Rapid Assessment in case of an earthquake. I have waterproof paper but no pens or pencils. We live in British Columbia, Canada and I would like to have your closest supplier of such pens and pencils. Thanks.

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