1. Love this. It instantly made me want to sharpen pencils, sit still, and write. I haven’t been very good with the last two. Thanks for sharing, and for prodding me with a pencil point!

    • Hi Mary – the sharpening is definitely the easy part! I’ve obviously obliged myself to sitting still and writing more as part of this project, and my hope is that this will carry me forward many years into the future…BUT, it sure isn’t easy to stay focused, dedicated, and to not get swept up in all the everything else there is to get swept up in these days.

  2. Tamerlane

    A man at home in the woods is a man at home with himself. Congratulations Will on finding your sanctuary. My all time favorite photo of an author in his spiritual element is the portrait of J.R.R. Tolkien nestled against an ancient and fantastically gnarled tree on the back cover of Humphrey Carpenter’s biography. I first saw this image in the Seventies, and it has stuck with me ever since.

    • I know this picture, and thank you. It’s a funny thing – reconnecting. And I think sometimes it’s not so much what’s been lost, but what’s been forgotten. And then it’s a process of remembering. But then, that’s all personal and stuff…the trick is finding some way to help others in the process of discovering.

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